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 We at Ranetite Waterproofing Co., Inc., realize that you are about to shop a new and strange market. It can be confusing with all the "new" methods offered. Let's take a look at the basic problem.

· Hydrostatic pressure under your basement floor.
This just means that at certain times of the year, water saturation around the home is trying to float your home. Naturally, this will not happen due to the weight of the house and the fact that the floor is not built to withstand this type of pressure.

· The results are:
Leaking into the basement around the perimeter, through cracks in the floor and at I beam supports. The solution is to lower the water level under the floor and provide an avenue for water to escape. A four (4)-inch drain tile installed inside of home at the footing level, leading to a sump pit is the perfect answer. The water will not get any higher than the drain tile will allow. 
· Let's compare this process with some of the "new" systems available. The new systems are mostly open systems installed on top of the footing with provisions for any water leaking through or down the wall to get into this system. By being installed on top of the footing, the water is only lowered to this level. The shallower the footing (the thinner the thickness of the floor), the shallower this pressure relief system is. What is the advantage to this type of system? The advantage is all to the installer. Since very little cement needs to be removed, the cost to install is less, but the effectiveness of the system is also less. It only lowers the water level a few inches. Many times with this system, multiple sump pumps are needed at additional cost to the homeowner. Most of the time you still have a water problem.

You may have had quotes on the open system where the salesman tells you this system will capture water from any source and with this system, “you don’t have to worry about water on your floor”. Just look at these photos of damage to the subfloor joists and bandboard by allowing water to continue to enter home.

A simple exterior system installed along wall would have prevented this and the exterior systems are usually cheaper to install. This condition was created by a patio being installed above the top of basement wall and trapping water that found its way inside.

 One other concern about using this method is the mold and mildew condition still exists. Let Ranetite design a system to address your water problem to make your home dry and healthy.


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