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 Ranetite does more than just waterproofing: We offer a service that repairs foundation walls that are broken and moving inward due to pressure from the exterior such as expansive soil, tree roots pushing on the foundation or from outside water pressure. This repair is called a ''tie back" system and it will permanently repair a bowing or leaning foundation wall. We not only stop the movement of the wall, but in most cases restore the wall to a like-new and plumb condition. To do this we excavate the foundation to the footing, removing the clay soil which usually has caused the damage, and install deadmen and secure the foundation wall. We then pull back the wall to as close to plumb as possible and fill along the exterior with a four-inch drain tile and a good bed of gravel and fill to grade with topsoil. 

Stress bracing is an economical alternative to a tieback system. If the inward movement of a wall is caught before any real displacement has occurred or if exterior conditions would make tiebacks impractical such as an inground pool, this method may be chosen.

Ranetite’s stress braces are four-inch I beams fabricated for each individual job so that beam may be attached to the floor joists and set in a two foot deep cement pier, halting movement of wall.  

We also resurface stone foundation walls. Owners of older homes with stone foundations cannot believe the transformation. Depicted in these photos is a home with stone walls more than 100 years old with no floor other than dirt and cinders. The walls have a black mold growing on them. We clean the surface of the walls bare with electric hammers and scaling chisels. Then apply a brush coat of Ranetite Bonding to stone walls and two trowel applications of a special Ranetite #VVV Waterproof mortar. The finish coat is floated to a sand finish or can be struck to resemble the original cobblestone look. In this particular home we also installed drain tile, sump pump and a new cement floor. We even installed a new door. The homeowner couldn't have been more pleased.



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